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The Survival Logic life equation allows a high degree of categorization and classification of information.

- Kam Hoi Cheng, Professor of Algorithims,
Computer Science Department, University of Houston

Destiny comes to those who watch, listen and learn. Fate finds the rest. Are you destined or fated, the choice is yours.

Tell your friends and family about the survival challenge test, its free and tells you what you need to learn to do in order to survive in any situation, thank you and may you have a good symbiotic life. - Fred Bright


These Are your Survival Needs
This is the Life Equation

1. Nutrient 2. Shelter 3. Education 4. Sex

And To Aquire These Needs You Need.

5. Time 6. Energy 7. Material

And That You Must 8. Work And 9. Rest

With Your

5. Time, 6. Energy, And 7. Material

To Meet Your 10. Short Term Needs And Your 11. Long Term Needs.

Of 1. Nutrient, 2. Shelter, 3. Education 4. Sex.



Those who do not lie, cheat, steal, abuse, rape or murder to aquire these life essentials are good and decent non-criminal humans. Symbiots.



Those who lie, cheat, steal, abuse, rape and murder to aquire these life essentials are not good and decent. They are criminal humans. Parasites.

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