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The Survival Logic life equation allows a high degree of categorization and classification of information.

- Kam Hoi Cheng, Professor of Algorithims,
Computer Science Department, University of Houston

Destiny comes to those who watch, listen and learn. Fate finds the rest. Are you destined or fated, the choice is yours.

Tell your friends and family about the survival challenge test, its free and tells you what you need to learn to do in order to survive in any situation, thank you and may you have a good symbiotic life. - Fred Bright

You are here because you have an interest in survival.

Survival Logic is a practical scientific method of calculating a correct (RIGHT) from an incorrect (WRONG) action in yourself or others allowing you to identify who is good and who is bad in individuals or in organizations.

The universe contains all that you need to survive...

Your job is to know what your needs are and to acquire these needs so that you will survive.

  • Survival Logic will teach you what you need, to survive anywhere in the universe, in any situation. Whether it is peace time, war time, or a catastrophic situation.
  • Survival Logic will teach you what is a correct decision, and what is an incorrect decision and what is the value of the personal honor code in any survival situation.
  • Survival Logic will teach you who is a good (symbiotic) person and who is a bad (parasitic) person. Information that is vital to your survival in any situation.
  • Survival Logic is a decision making process and an analytical tool, and identifier of right from wrong actions in yourself or others.
There are many survival skills, tools, weapons, abilities, provisions, training and associations that you must have for a specific environmental situation.

Survival Logic is the Master Program that shows you how to put them all together successfully, in a survivable manner, that is honorable (symbiotic), versus dishonorable (parasitic). If you already know what you need to survive, then you do not need Survival Logic. If you do not know what you need to survive or how to put these needs together in an orderly fashion then Survival Logic is for you.



Test yourself.

If you cannot put the following items together in a logical manner then you need
Survival Logic

These answers will follow the test.

The test and answers are free.


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